My Promise Garden

Finding strength in the oaks and white pines, bird song and Spring Peepers. On dragonfly wings I glide among all things. As the Monarch rises, I am magic in ordinary occasions. The sunrise and sunset the morning dew and evening showers. Bring me a path unseen I will walk among the flowers.

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Sacred Passage

The minutes pass faster than are deeply enjoyed. Burn out before we see the light. The minutes run ahead as hours catch up. Dangle before our hands pass through fog. Check the wrist where steel grey foam convenes. Praise the waves for tumbled glass unworthy.

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Gossip is of the Cruelest Sort

A few months ago I was taken back by the fierceness of those who I thought were congenial people. I learned otherwise tempered minds absolutely turn into werewolves, hunt down victims and chew flesh, spit out venom like snakes in the grass. Whoever gets killed by their egos, beast or baby, matters not. I will…

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Ever so alone in the world you wail years into days, days on end a blur. Time to dig the earth find the roots of torment as people weave within, rattle my soul. How does one understand truth? Truth was set in stone long ago. The greatest of commands, to love. Peace of mind blooms…

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Hey peoples!!!

I have missed this place. I have missed you. So what has been going on? So much!!! Sitting under a poetry mentor. Restructuring old poetry and finding myself. Taking piano lessons. Working on Mozart and Tchaikovsky pieces. I start a new volunteer position in a women’s homeless shelter directing an art therapy group in mid-June.…

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Towards the End

Our words echo join past voices sustain the present and bring memories home. Gaze outwards -windows join the landscape create the vision and develop a city’s legacy. Listen wisely -radio join the frivolity demand the senses and recognize happiness expands.

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Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors

A door post… Since it has been a while and being the door pictures are backing up my phone memory… i will release a few from my time in Massachusetts… so far! Bartlett NH storefront. A piece of America’s rural past Newburyport MA door is closed… open on weekends Plum Island Beach MA Do Not…

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All those details in life… begging feedback. I am so unsure of myself. My glasses either need adjusting or my self-esteem could use a boost. Perhaps a week, sunning on Florida sands, lapping up the beams of light, will readjust my outlook. I wonder, will a halo appear above my head? Or maybe I am…

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something -draws me in -cool breath -kissed cheek -cant speak -you or me -not gone -not here -vows given and mistakes made -this game -God forgives -i break the chains -torn mind -blame shame -my heart entwined -two masters -damned life -rewind the reel -see the thrill -sit at Your feet -hear Your voice speak…

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