living outside of the box

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Oh! oh to be happy
one place -still
guard the flower, unfolding.

Oh! the happy
free as the wind doth blow,
accepts reality -thorns and all.

Oh! to be happy
stumbling shadow of insecurity,
wears the stem of pain.

Oh! oh the happy
beauty befalls the desirous
expressing gratitude’s aid.

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Truth. Is that all there is?

Lies and truth.
To think in grays blaspheme.
Stop! Look at me
and tell me, damn it all.
Tell me!

As a child
all I ever wanted…
This smudged watercolor
worked diligently,
to paint the bird realistically.
Its all come undone.

(apologize for this unconscious contrition.)

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“Do you know the worst thing about life?” He paused, giving a sideway glance with no sign of a smile.

“Death?” she inquired with eyes averted toward a dark tunnel, slowly emerging from the soil.

“No. Its living.”

Im relieved the chains that weighed me down have been removed. I walk through the landscape; trees, flowers and hear the bird call. No one is here. Even God has become a vapor. I feel empty but free.


January 2017