Do you have any memories that are especially pleasing to your mind and heart?  We all need something to hold onto and it usually will be something sweet that balms the hurts in our life.  In the old testament, the Israelites had “Passover” that celebrated God passing over them and keeping them safe.  That was a sweet remembrance for them.  They felt cared for and secure in their minds that God was watching and understood what was happening around them.  Christians celebrate “Easter” which is much like the Jewish celebration in that we are passed over and given life.  We may not be safe from the sufferings of this world, but we are given grace and peace with God and that is so worth the suffering we endure here. 

Life is hard.  Life is bitter.  Take that and mix in the goodness that envelopes us and we end up with bittersweet memories of loved ones who have come and gone  and left us behind. 

Feeling alone we hold onto those sweet promises of God in His rainbow and in His coming in the clouds one day!

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