March 1 is my New Year, every year, since 2008.   Do you have a moment in time when you feel the world stopped?  Or better yet, you wish it would stop.  You feel it should stop.  You want to scream at everyone, “Can’t you see the pain this world is in right now? Do you even care?”.  Some may think that is selfish.  Is it?

I’ve been seeking peace in my heart about so many things and I finally feel a little room to breathe.   BREATHE!   My word for today and perhaps the rest of this year.  The freedom I’m resting in is so delightful to my heart!  Like good medicine, a cheerful heart doeth me good.

I wrote about being of good cheer last week.  You must realize that doesn’t necessarily mean you are rolling on the floor laughing at the latest, greatest joke being told around the water cooler.  Instead, we are to be satisfied and content with the way things are.  No amount of worrying will ever bring us back in time so we can circumvent the past mistakes and sadness our life has seen.  In fact, worrying prolongs the sadness.  It eventually will do us in if we let it get its claws around our necks and mouths.  Worrying can suffocate us of every ounce of energy and when we are experiencing such despair and loss in our lives, it is energy we most need to continue on despite ourselves. 

God has been very patient with me.  I feel like I had been in a cocoon for the past three years and my wings have finally dried after emerging about six months ago.  I am just about ready to fly.  I’ve been testing them here and there.  When I have a chance to.  I have learned not to expect, but rather I go forth leary, learning and letting be.    

Contradictory?  Yes. 

Helpful?  Maybe. 

Peaceful.  Absolutely.

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