Took a walk in the backyard and discovered many surprises.  The weather has been unbelieavably nice with just enough rain to keep everything watered.  The crocus are finished blossoming, the daffodils are at their peak and many new emerging plants were spotted.  Take for instance the primrose:

You can find these in the floral section of most grocery stores starting in February and if you plant them outdoors after they bloom inside, they will keep coming back year after year. 

So how do you take care of these plants?  Since there are not alot of leaves budded by the time the primrose blooms outside, you shouldn’t worry too much about the light.  I have mine planted in an area that is very rich soil that stays moist (a willow tree is nearby to help keep the primrose from drowning) and it is partially shaded in the summer.  I never fertilize it on purpose but the soil is naturally nutrious because of mulching with compost every spring. 

That is all I do.  The plant is not native to Indiana like the Evening Primrose, but it has been hybridized from native stock and I think I have just found the perfect place for it to survive outdoors.  Look for blossoms coming soon!  And I did purchase a second primrose that I will be transplanting outside in May.


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