No room for HIS head

Look at the snowflakes, so simple but so intricate.  Look at the human body, the one we take for granted!  Examine the eye itself.  We open them after sleep and it seems so simple that we can view the world, but then the process of what goes on behind the scenes is complicated because of God’s design. 

 Man’s quest to understand is not like the birds of the air, who do not toil, but rely on the creator for their substance.  Man is burdened with the things of this world and how to fix them.  God put him to work from the get go so he would not be sidetracked with “other” things.  Man’s movement is eloquent.  The love of God for HIM is simple.  We are convicted by the Spirit that blows by us to wake us up from our slumber.  Then we are convicted and turn from our lawless ways and follow the creator and sustainer of life.


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