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His Creation Rejoices

Anna mowed the backyard this past weekend, twice.  It was her first time using a power tool and mom didn’t quite show her the correct way to mow.  She gave our lawn a mohawk.  So dad had her go back outside and do it again, this time showing the errors of her ways.  She had tried to be fancy, trimming on an angle like the neighbor boy.  Dad instructed her not to go beyond the basics, or at least not until she has them mastered.  Lesson learned.

Over the weekend a moth was born.  I am not sure where its cocoon was, but while Jeff and Anna were mowing the grass, Jeff called over to me and I rushed inside to get my camera.  The most beautiful moth I had ever witnessed was resting in the grass, waiting for it’s wings to dry.  I could not help but stand in awe of God’s creation.  I rejoiced with the moth, proclaiming God to be the Father of all living things.  There is nothing in all the world that sings as beautifully as the mountain, the rainbow, the ocean, the sunset…except for a moth in my backyard.

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