National Day of Prayer 2011

The day is finally here.  Everyday is an official day to pray, but how mighty to have Christ-followers assembled around this country praying for the world’s needs.  This isn’t just about “us” anymore.  It is for the unbelievers, believers, those who are being deceived and those who are deceived, for our families and for our neighbors around the world.  The time is now.  Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? 

Everyday, a Christian is tortured, murdered, or denied their right to freely worship.  Jesus said we would suffer here for His sake.  We are told to count is as JOY when we suffer.  It seems unreal to think someone could be in a joyful state when they are obviously in physical turmoil, but a CHRIST-FOLLOWER is in CHRIST and with that comes PEACE with GOD! 

Pray, and never cease praying!    Blessings of hope and reassurance that GOD has not left you nor forsaken you.  May the God of Israel bless you with faith, peace and hope through His Son–Jesus Christ, the Promised Messiah!



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