What is it that causes one’s mind to be ill at ease?  Certainly life never stays the same for long.  Even if you manage to avoid watching the newscast in the evenings or gossiping with the neighbors about the latest spike in the gas price, one can never seem to escape the doom that fills the horizon.  The sunny skies that bless us with tranquility and comfort are but a short distance to an ever increasing energy towards chaos.  One begins to wonder when the sky will tear open and rain down wrath.

No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls: for the price  of wisdom is above rubies.   Job 28:18

Pearls in the Word of God represent wisdom.  Do you have wisdom in your situation?  When an irritant enters your mind, how do you soothe your weary head?  Do you reach for God’s Word to give you a glimpse into heaven through the pearly gates that are so narrow to enter to behold the glory of the eternal City of Peace?

Consider it pure joy whenever you face trials.   James 1:2   Trusting God in tough situations is never an easy go.  The mountain seems too high and the valley too low.   Our hearts are ever seeking rest, and all the while we traverse far and wide in search of relief.  Who brings Good News?   There can be joy amid our earthly sorrows if we know and recognize our Father’s voice and what comfort He brings to us.  Those irritants that cause us so much pain can be soothed over by His Promises to us.  By learning to trust in His grace that brings love and peace, we can rest in His presence daily knowing that this too shall pass.


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