Hope and Still Hoping

How many times must I fall down?  Is it possible to ever move forward or will I continue to rewind the memories?

Life is not fair.  Most of us learn this quite early.  Some of us learn it the hard way and others witness people who struggle with injustice.  The innocent among us are usually children.  Thankfully there are still ways we can protect them from the horrors of life.  A recent tragedy that hit me in the heart was while volunteering for a pro-life pregnancy center. 

The phone rang.  That is how the conversation started.  It was a simple phone call that Erin encouraged me to answer even though it was my first day acting as receptionist for Life Centers.

“Northeast Life Centers, this is Jeanne.  How can I help you?” despite having had no rest the night before my voice rang sweet.

“Do you do abortions?”

“No.  You can make an appointment and we can discuss the options available to you.” 

She was in a hurried rush.  She didn’t want options.  She did not want to be pregnant and was begging for a solution that was spelled A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N.

“No.  Just tell me who does abortions.  I cannot call all these centers listed in the phone book.  I just need the number of the clinic that does abortions.”

I hoped she couldn’t hear the crack in my voice as I tried to convince her she did not have to abort her baby.  Could she not see beyond the moment? 

The rest of my words are lost.  I did not win her over to visit with a counselor here at the office.   A few days after the phone call, my mind filled with the idea of having asked her to pray over the phone.  What I cannot possibly do is what God is great at.  His batting average is perfect.  I left Him out of the picture and it was cold.  I still shiver at the possibilities.  Her child might still be alive.

Our choices have consequences.  Deciding to have sex seemed fun but without practicing good judgment she set herself up for long-lasting misery.   Whether she grieves now or in a future time, despair will have to be worked through in order for her to find freedom from the past.  I will be praying for her and me.


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  1. ” A few days after the phone call, my mind filled with the idea of having asked her to pray over the phone. What I cannot possibly do is what God is great at. His batting average is perfect. ”

    I appreciate your honesty in this post. It is difficult when you are in a situation like that and it appears later that hindsight is always 20-20, but I have learned that the best you can do is to continue uplifting this person in prayer, each time you think of them. I’m sure you are doing that, but even when you pray for that person, pray for God to give you a sense of peace about how the conversation went that day. There are many times I’ll think later…”What if…”, but like you said, God is great and his batting average is perfect (I really like that!). Keep up the great job writing and in your ministry!


    • Hi Rhonda.
      I volunteer again tomorrow. There is always someone new with a new dilemma that needs sorting out and tomorrow will be no different. I am encouraged that women and men still see the value of a heartbeat and that each of us is gifted to bring love to the world. I am optimistic that the world you and I see today will only be better because each of us has done his or her part to make it better. I hope you will join me in asking God to give us a clear understanding of our purpose as followers of His wisdom and understanding regarding this so-called life we experience daily. Thanks for visiting!

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