Pains of labor this world beseechs,
Driving nails into the coffin.
“Where are you Holy God, that I suffer so?”

Who among you is like God,
Performing feats of wonder?
Be discerning,
Do not blindly follow!

Hiding among the reeds,
Abandoned children cry.
“Where are you Holy God, that we suffer so?” 

Your clenched fists, rising up!
Unclasp your hands,
Toil the soil,
Bring forth the goodness of the earth.

A snake in the grass slithers,
Swallowing a child whole.
“Where are you Holy God, that I suffer so?”

Be patient in all sorrows,
Do not be dismayed!
God has not forsaken thou;
Justice will flow!

A wolf approaches the maddening crowd,
Howls and scowls and scorns.
“Where is your Holy God, that you suffer so?”

Your clenched fists, rising up!
Clasp your hands;
Your faith will save you.

Fear embalms their hearts,
They tremble at the sky!
Quiet whispers hush the air,
At last, peace.


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    • Hi Rhonda…I must admit I am quite flattered. I have a few people who read my posts…I am frankly not sure how I measure up to others but I love your encouraging thoughts.

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