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Who are those that have gone before us, that lived deep in the Word of G-d,  that can teach us today? For encouragement, admonishment and friendship, as well as understanding how we should live as Christians, the first American theologian we will examine is Francis Schaeffer.

Born January 30, 1912, Schaeffer went on to graduate from Faith Theological Seminary in 1937, moving to Switzerland in 1948 and starting L’abri in 1955. L’abri (a french term for shelter) is Schaeffer’s lasting influence. The L’abri movement spread throughout Europe and the United States, and even today, many seek shelter from this world in community. Francis Schaeffer, and his wife Edith, have also left us with numerous written works that outline their theology and philosophy of life. Their conclusion is that Christianity is the highest understanding man can comprehend, of our purpose as people.

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do.
(NIV, 1984).

Is that not a lovely thought! Imagine allowing God to mold us from the broken vessel we were before we accepted Jesus as our Savior. YOU can be made into an instrument, capable of doing His work He had prepared for you to do, even while you were unborn. How special we really are Christians! Claim that for yourself today.

I pray that you find shelter under the Almighty’s wings so that you can dig into His Word. Soak it up! Write it on the palm of your hands! Let it mold and melt into you! I pray for the Holy Spirit to create a new creature of you, capable of understanding, hearing and doing what G-d has planned for you to do.  I pray for protection, perserverance and joy to surround your soul everyday…march on!

“When we understand our calling, it is not only true, but beautiful—and it should be
It is hard to understand how an orthodox, evangelical, Bible-believing Christian can fail to be excited.
The answers in the realm of the intellect should make us overwhelmingly
But more than this, we are returned to a personal relationship with a God who is there.
If we are unexcited Christians, we should go back and see what is wrong.”

Francis Schaeffer

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