Forgive! …such an easy word to give out.

Okay Lord, in your loving arms I can forgive.

Then my sinful nature asks “Why?”
“Look what they did to me Lord? Can you not see their evil deeds against me?”

“Yes, I see.”

Forgive! It is the only way to find freedom.
Peace! Let your heart not be troubled child.
Mercy! Show compassion to the lost.
Joy! It is your strength to hide in me and lose yourself and your evil ways.

“Did I not forgive you?”

“I did not want to nail you to the cross.
My tears flow
and wash your feet
but you still cling to the

“You died….
for me…
and the whole world…
and you wait patiently
for all hearts to turn back to you.”

“I need your grace again…
I sin day and night…
in my anger I plead for justice
but in my heart I plead for mercy.”

Indeed I forgive Lord.
Renew me daily lest I fall.

We find in Romans 12:14 these words: “Bless those who persecute you, bless and do not curse.” Oh Lord, give me lips of honey. Soften my heart that no hatred can find home. Till the earth of my soul, that no seed can root that is only a weed. Forgive my unforgiveness that hides from sight, lurking, waiting for a chance to strike. You fashion your children in ways that produce fruit, let my vines be bountiful this year. Hold my tongue against sinful words and keep my thoughts pure. AMEN!

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