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Spring Hike 2012

It is that time of year when great friends, food and faith mix together to create memories that carry you through the rest of the calendar days. The exhiliration surrounding my departure to go to the hills is welling up in my soul! If you could hear me, deep inside, you would realize heaven!

My history with the spring and fall hike returns to October in the year 2004. My soul urged me to break away from my life for a moment, to take time and reflect where I was, where I was going and where I wanted to be. My family blessed me before I left with well wishes and hugs. I was at total peace that whatever happened, all would be well.

The first retreat indeed was magical. God met me there. Just the right music, conversation and prayer. I met a wonderful woman, who being a complete stranger, departed a beloved friend. And tomorrow we will reconnect. All the days before will vanish and all the days ahead will disappear and for a time we will just sit and stare and wonder at God’s creation and care.

As it turns out I want to always be there, in the hills of Brown County Indiana. Yet life does not happen there, it is only shared.

Dreams of deer frolicking in the woods
Not wanting anything
but having everything

Visions of birds circling the air
Gliding past vast woods
and sparkling brooks

Falling leaves and budding trees
snow capped hills and frozen pond

If you have a prayer request, please leave it below and I will keep it hidden in my heart to give to God, in the hills of His bosom. Shalom…

In His love,



2 thoughts on “Spring Hike 2012

    1. Hi Jeanne. It was a wonderful time. Again, the birds are the Lord’s messengers to my life and a story is brewing. Hopefully I can get into words all that is stirring inside me. 🙂


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