To be or not to be…

rebaptized? Now there is a heated debate, if there ever was one, of whether to baptize infants, children, or only those who can reasonably know what they are doing? So where did I land and how did I venture into this debate to begin with? Lord, help me…

Making a long story short, so I do not bore you, I was looking to change churches, denominations exactly, because of certain beliefs that I hold tried and true to my heart that were no longer part of the church I belonged. A friend invited me to her church, because she thought it was the best church ever. After much time, and searching, I agreed and trugged the family. There was one problem, they did not honor infant baptism, so if I wanted to become a part of the church, I would need to be rebaptized. I have a big problem with that! A major problem!

I am secure in my faith. I have no doubt in my mind that God loves me and that is why His Son, Jesus, died for me. The fact that I was baptized into the church as an infant (okay, so they sprinkled, and I wasn’t technically immersed as the word is taken to mean in the Greek) does that mean God cannot honor my baptism into God, the Son and the Holy Spirit as written in  Matthew 28:19 “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit . . ..” which is what the pastor said as they made a seal of oil on my head and sprinkled holy water over me?

I cannot give you a definite answer either way. I know, I am of no help here. Yet, I am not convinced either way, whether to be or not to be rebaptized. So, in the meantime, I will go on my merry way and look for a church that believes in infant baptism but does not step on my toes regarding certain issues that are creeping into the church today. We won’t mention those issues, because again, man makes isssues of everything!

Here is my very “personal” prayer that I will share with the world that stems from this dilemma. Thank you for listening and please feel free to leave comments. I would love to hear what you have to say about baptism!

Lord Jesus,
Hear my prayer. Give me peace regarding this baptism dilemma.
Lord Jesus,
I do not understand why it is so hard for me one way or the other.
The interpretation of your Word varies.
Does man manipulate your Word
or are these men well-meaning in securing a place
for the children to come to you?
You say to come as we are and then after we approach the alter
it becomes difficult to dot my i’s and cross my t’s.
I become so burdened with all these issues.

You never asked this of me before…
to be rebaptized!
I have heard you speak to me!
You have asked me to be holy as You are holy!
You have asked me to forgive those who have hurt me!
You have given me gifts to heal, bring mercy, encouragement and hope to the lost and lonely!
I have never heard You tell me that I need to be rebaptized?

Would it help if I was rebaptized?
Would that become less of a stumbling block for me if I just did it?
I cherish infant baptism.
It is a beautiful dedication by parents to honor You!
It brings death to the old self and raises the child into new life!
It puts the heart of the parent in the right direction to raise the child as a child of God.
Is it possible for that child to turn away from You?
Like the lost sheep, Jesus will go and look for those children who stray away.
What a balm to any parent’s heart to know that You care and we can pray that Jesus
could intercede on that child’s very life.
This reminds me of the story of Hannah and Samuel.

Is there harm in baptizing little ones?
Is there harm in praying for the lost?
Can you not keep watch over these little ones brought to You
in peace and security under your wings?
Yet, how can a little child understand
the darkness of this world?
They grow up in a sterile Christian environment
and then
The world is a scary place.
One minute the child is walking a well lit path
and soon the light grows dim,
the air grows cold,
and the sound of screams are heard.
As parents,
how should we prepare our children
to understand they will suffer?
Jesus suffered.

Christianity is about a relationship
we have with Jesus,
Your Son,
who has pleased you in obedience.
We are found worthy because of His work on the cross.
Let us be found ready,
covered in the blood of Jesus,
washed clean as freshly fallen snow,
buried to our sinful nature,
and born into a new creature.

Is my heart and mind in the right place?
Are there sins I need to repent?
Am I lost or found?
I believe you Jesus.

I believe who You say You are.
You died for my sins.
You know I struggle with hurting you on the cross.
I had a difficult time knowing I am such a terrible person.
Yet, You still love me!
You talk to me!
You have hugged me in my darkest hour!
You prepare and equip me everyday!
You make me new everyday and you fill my heart with music!
You want me to fill up with your peace, joy, love, faith, hope and patience!
I accept your gifts.

Let me not tromple those gifts as a pig with pearls
but to gently hide them from the world.
Let me give my treasured gems
to those who will treasure these gifts as I do.

Make me new today.
Remind me who I am!

I am a child of God!
He is my Father!
He is my brother!
He is my friend and counselor!

I am forgiven
I am healed
I am renewed daily
I am holy because He is holy
I am worthy of love
I am sealed by the Holy Spirit

I am because He is the great I AM!

Can we do anything wrong if our hearts are in the right place?
If we sprinkle instead of immerse are you displeased?
I wait for an answer and only groans of my spirit are released.
What of those who sin and do not repent?
Would that not grieve you?
I believe you would be grieved, deeply.
Jesus wept!

Communion and baptism are two sacred connections and not one of us
should hinder anyone from coming to You.
You are present in both.
Forgive us for not seeing the heart of Your reason for both.
(Did not Hannah bring you Samuel to be yours?
Did not Jesus sit with the Rabbis and teach in the synogogue as a child?
Jesus welcomed the least of these to be part of His kindgom!)

Let me move on in peace.
Thank you God for hearing me in Jesus name…AMEN!

P.S. Daily I wash myself in Your presence, that no unclean may be found in me.
Lifting my needs to You.
Praising Your Holy name.
Thanking You for helping and loving me always (Oh, there have been days you could have left me!).
Reminding me that any step too far from You is a step
needing forgiveness.
I am sorry for my unforgivness and harsh thoughts toward
those who have hurt me.
I am sorry for the error of my ways.
You love all of us and dearly want us to be close to You.
None of us can run to a Father who is stern,
but You are slow to anger.
Thank You for the work of the cross.
Thank you for Your Spirit who counsels me and brings me gifts
to encourage others.
Let nothing be a stumbling block to me.

In Your precious name, Jesus, my Savior,

Jeanne Elizabeth©


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  1. Jeanne, here’s the opinion of an old woman, a woman of strong deep faith, and hopefully a young spirit: if Jesus has not spoken to you about this, you haven’t heard His voice saying “do this”, then don’t allow anyone to sidetrack your faith. We’re only commanded to obey His Word, His Voice (and His sheep KNOW His voice), the Holy Spirit–not man’s voice. I’ve been baptized 2 or 3 times, at points when I felt the need to recommit my life to Him–I thought baptism might help “cement” things, give me more assurance. But it sounds to me like you’re pretty secure in your faith, so go forth in His Peace <3

    • Hugs! I appreciate those words. Love reading your blog, your upbeat and i feel my words too dark of late. But i know things change on a whim. I havent been to church and if i do go, all i can do is cry. So i wait…

  2. Baptizing children as infants is a wonderful ritual. It honors the parents, the child, and God. It’s a way of telling others that you want to commit yourself to raise this child to land in the arms of God. I was baptized as an infant. But scriptures also say there is an age of accountability. To choose whether or not you want to commit yourself to God,
    when you are at an age to understand the task and what it entails. Not everyone wants to accept that responsibility. I believe we all know when that time comes and when we are ready or not ready. When I was rebaptized, I saw it as a commitment that I made to do God’s will and follow Him. It was a ritual meant to show others that I made a choice to follow Him and it also told others about my decision. It’s a way of saying to the world and to God that you want to die to sin, to pride, and become like Christ. He did it as an adult when he had a choice. Ultimately, your relationship is with God. I think rituals serve a purpose in our lives. As for children, I think God has always shown us they are safe in the hands of God simply because they are children. Good luck in your quest. Your relationship is between you and God.

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