A Modern Day Petition to God

In distress, you may find yourself confused, uncertain, questioning and feeling lost. When your world is turned upside down, how do you begin to pick up the pieces, move forward and learn to focus on the positive?

In a rapid world, living simply is not simple. It takes great effort to do what our ancestors did out of habit. The burdens of everyday living can take a toll on our physical, mental and spirital health. Washing clothes and dishes has become simpler but it demands time most do not have so cleaning house is hired out. Cooking dinner is convenient but sheer exhaustion has us rushing to eat out. Exercising is a necessity when we are trapped at our desks all day and staying active puts a burden on our time.

How do you know when He has heard the prayer of our anguished souls and why might He not answer*?

Everyday we hear of viruses circulating that threatens our access to the internet. The virus that threatens even more lives is called Modern Living. We have become disconnected to the land, to each other and most of all to God. Perhaps just reaching out is the solution. Get off the computer, get outside, and reach out. It may just save your life!

(*Hint, in our rush we may not be able to hear God. Perhaps, by stopping long enough, the rushing wind and water will bring relief.)


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