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Remember this and forget that

Carousing through memories, I happened upon a dream of mine.  I recall chasing rabbits down holes and found myself on the other side of reality. Life is mysterious.

Adventuring through my mind, trying to piece together a coherent picture of what I want to be when I finally emerge from this caterpillar stage, I found unpleasant recollections. I thought I had become a butterfly many times before, only to find myself tied to my past. Since 1967, 1985, 1990, and then 2008, my world has been turned upside down and inside out. Those years are significant to me and like a mad rollercoaster ride, I hold on tightly, while I page through the files locked away deep in the corridors of my soul. I have been ravenously journeying into philosophers like Kirkegaard, psychotherapists like Jung, theologians like Francis Schaeffer and heroes like Corrie ten Boom, looking for answers. As I explore, I find myself questioning over and over again, tenants that I held onto as being the end game, to find the ante has been upped. My life is alot like a poker game. I have alot to lose but I also have alot to gain.

The Bible has alot of dreams to explore. I am looking to see how my dreams fit in with how Bible characters dealt with their dreams. Have you struggled with dreams and reality? How do you merge the two so life can move on?

Once you become a butterfly, do not look back ever again.
Do not allow ghosts of the past to come back to haunt.

Forgivneness is the ultimate ointment to a bleeding heart.

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