into my world
are answers

piling higher
the laundry
patiently waits

washed words
spring forth

I am
telling you
“I’m sorry”

your bad news
my good news!

My doctor originally told me the biopsy results would take two weeks. I graciously was told a few days ago, that the tissue sample tested, came back benign. How happy I was. Was, until I thought of my blog and how I had told my story and would have to give an ending.  I thought of all those who hear they are afflicted with the dreaded “c” disease. It can be ravaging. I did not want my answer to be a curse onto those with different fates. (Do not despair! There is an answer for you as well. Seek it!)

We all face bad news at some point in our life.  The answer can be cruel. The answer is a lesson. I feel guilty for being cancer free when others face hurdles I escape. In my past,  in the physics department where I worked, a professor and his wife were expecting a baby, as I was. We both went into labor the same day. My baby lived. Their baby was stillborn.  My baby was a miracle. Their baby was too, in a different way. It taught a lesson harder to accept.  An answer hard to discern.

The bigger questions demand bigger answers.
I am obligated to embrace both.


One thought on “Answers

  1. I do not shy away from the wrenching questions and utter silence. I seek to find answers and when they appear, bearing sharp teeth, I still embrace the possibilities of the unknown. ♥ ME


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