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Where are you GOD?

Can you see me down here?
My thoughts rise up to meet
you in the clouds.



So running forward,
I leave behind my faith.
You weep.



Stopping in my track
I look up.
There you show your love.

The quest for grace
can only be found
when I am nothing.

I am listening.
In my garden
I hear!

Do not worry.
Do not rush
faster than the wind.

Be still,

my soul!

4 thoughts on “Where are you GOD?

  1. Reblogged this on Seasons: A poetic journey of a thousand miles and commented:

    How far I have come, I think to myself. Wow, where was I yesterday? To imagine I could have been gone, far away, somewhere not able. Tears well up, I hold them back, unable to truly comprehend the miracle I stand upon. My heart an open book, raw and unedited, lived in a dream.

    This, whatever this encompasses, is truly who I am becoming. Am I truly nothing? Yes, yet no. We all are something, to someone, even if only to ourselves. We each should be our own best friend, honest and loyal. Be well. J


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