Desert Dream

I ask you, what is that feeling at the bottom of your stomach, when your mouth gapes open and your eyes become wide? Reflecting back on our recent trip to Sedona, I feel the churning and the utter amazement at Arizona’s diversity. From Flagstaff to Sedona, Phoenix to Tucson, along with a day trip to the Grand Canyon, a flush of memories overload my brain and send me scurrying to capture the essence of what I saw, heard, felt and tasted.

Perhaps a few pictures will help as I feel lost in the thoughts…please be patient as I unscramble the emotions and lasting impression Arizona has left on my heart. There are certain places that leave a lasting impact and Sedona is on my mind…

Desert Dream From a distance Jack Rabbit Shadow Dance Soul Expression

Journey with me
to a time and place
that exists
not just in a dream

I will
among the sun’s shadow

Rabbit, run
hop, skip, jump
into my mind

Follow along
to a distance
not easily

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