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Do not rush,
The desire in me
bubbles up
and if I lift the lid
I surely will explode
with all the life that is looking for a way out.

All the ideas
relentlessly, around and around,
they seek an exit point
but there are no words to fully
release the grip, as they choke my heart
and send me reeling in ecstasy.

the longing to include
the world in the bright colors
and the vibrant sounds,
mixes it all together
to make an anxiety ridden

Can you hear?
Can you see?
The light dances off the leaves as they
reach for the sunā€™s rays yearning to give nourishment.
Life demands we notice the small foreign
chunks of time that sparsely can be heard
or seen
or tasted
or touched and yet we are drawn into the black hole of its existence.

I believe. Do you? I apologize if I have offended you but even just living offends most and of course I do not wish to make you unhappy but I truly want you to get a glimpse of all that surrounds.


3 thoughts on “Glimmers

  1. Isnt it amazing how poetry forces us to examine the world around us? I always feel as though i’m taking an aspect of life and putting it under the miscroscope to find something special about it. šŸ˜€

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    1. Yes, it certainly makes a person think and in the process we begin to understand how little we know. That is where faith joins the equation. I will stop by your blog and see what you have to say. Thanks for stopping today.


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