“Fooling with Words” by Bill Moyers

Reading this book evoked so much emotion, thought and fodder for my own words to fool around with. Is Bill Moyers my muse?

This is what I gleaned from the first 46 pages of this book…

  • On page 6 he asks Stanley Kunitz “What is it that makes the heart’s affections holy?” and Mr. Kunitz replied that without friendship and love, how would any of us know the sacred?

Love is sacred and holy when from the heart it flows without strings attached to performance, perfection or exploitation.


Poetry is music. It has rhythm, rhyme, meter. It ebbs and flows to the inner voice inside each of us that yearns for words. When the silence is broken, the dammed water flows. I hope my poetry is cleansing, nourishing and awakens a spirit inside you that was long dead.

The right words?
It is hard work
In the view of a setting sun
To paint a picture

You have left me
So long to hear my thoughts
Out the door you experienced it


I originally posted this on a different blog, Sharpened Point, I started in 2011, and subsequently am in the process of bringing everything over here.


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