Mellow out

poems, paintings, and fine wine
they all need time
stand back

don’t POP the cork
too soon and spoil the tuning fork

I admit, I am quite excited anyone reads my poems and other writings. The Poet Laureate, Ted Kooser, has some advice for those who deem themselves poets, and beginning poets in particular. These same thoughts had run through my mind before, but hearing someone else echo similar ideas reassures. Here’s a small rundown:

  • Write, wait, rewrite. During the waiting process, don’t rush ahead. Let the poem become detached until it can fly on its own and then attempt to fine tune.
  • Start a new poem during the interim. Poems do not get jealous (my emphasis here). Or do they? Poems that demand too much attention may need to be put in solitary for bad behavior.
  • There is too much productivity. Now we all can relax. That should help us not to hurry and rush to publish. At least it will for me.

I hope my heart and mind takes this advice. I started to reread the works on my blog. I updated two entries already. I need to organize my categories. Remove tags used. I am embarrassed that I didn’t take my own advice earlier but welcome Mr. Kooser’s today.

Happy writing,



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