Is it madness?

Brave souls never escape life but face it head on.
They find courage to face the waves,
to search for beauty where none resides,
much like flowers wilt back into ground.

It is amazing I am able to detach myself from my writing in order to let it fly into space and time. I never intended these words to reside forever, rereading a thought and cringing. If possible, I would take them back; cover them in shame, cry them into oblivion or burn them.

I took a year off from posting on WordPress to contemplate if a blog is really what my heart and mind desires. I questioned my motive of exposing my words to others eyes and ears and thought. I reasoned the likes I receive give me purpose. A sense of satisfaction I cannot get from being hidden.

My blog has changed its format and purpose many times. Like me, it has morphed into a retelling of a journey, mostly through poetry.  There are readers who have found me again and for that I am thankful. I miss those who I  lost to time and hope they find me. I pray new friends arrive. It will be a year of discovery and growth found nowhere else but in words and art.

For now the door is open. I keep pressing, living one day at a time. Be blessed.


Opinion Poetry

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