I first published this poem September 17, 2013. Let me explain my purposing of reliving past poems and why I endeavor to further seek my thoughts. Every writer (I use that term loosely) endeavors to capture beautifully the essence of what exists within. My poems evolve like visiting old friends, revealing their existence I failed to see earlier. Perhaps this poem does not even exist. To many it does and will not. Reflectively, that is a poems purpose. To sweep you lovingly somewhere you may never venture alone and to do what you may never approach.

Small, insignificant steps
toward the giant leap in understanding man.
The path she beckoned
curved away from the light.
Fear began to well up inside
dancing through the bramble,
thorns of pain, carried by will.
These dilemmas
coursed through her mind in earlier days.
What soothed her had eluded him.
Test what moves,
blinded to the truth.


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