Do I have a purpose?

Change: landscape fashioned from wind and rain and sun.

Life’s advice.  Embarking on a journey is left to circumstance. What remains at the end of the road is yet to be seen. Start walking with no expectations. Be ready for surprise!

Kaliedoscope of Color

Understand the risks and rewards of living. Know it is possible to see positive change along with the negative twin, a mirrored image spelled backwards. Brace yourself for the travel. Plan ahead!

Construct a vision board with inspirational platitudes. Live more, laugh more, cuddle and look for goodness where none exists. Find strength and win. Be creative. Love sets the mood for family and acknowledge everyone is a hero no matter how small or unfinished their life. Imagine and try to understand another’s perspective, walking in their worn out shoes. Be brave!

Go to the beach and just be lazy.  Let the waves sing a lullaby.

I hope to find answers. You may be looking for something else.
Don’t stop searching!

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