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time ago

Hamlet. He asked “to be
or not to be”. Inspiration
for countless others. Tragic
that role model. Hero?

And then Thursday
rolled in
storm clouds boiling over.

There have been two suicides in my family. Both impacted me deeply. Too deeply.

Then Thursday rolled in
and the rain
started falling. The lighting
and thunder were not far
behind. Sudden. Shock.

News is only
good when you smile.
The house is cold
lately. Staring off
in the distance, numb
to the sound of birds.
Spring approaches
and with it grief.

Winter never leaves the crushed soul. Earth gives no relief to the burdened heart.

Thursday rolled in
another year to be
in the midst of rain.
Fog descends
the sun burning off
what remains.
My heart trembles
the positive thoughts
are manufactured.
at God
with questions of why.


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