Alice in Wonderland, 150 Years

There is a strange fascination with Alice
i have traveled myself
time elusive
sheltered from everything but the nightmare

catch up with me
if you can
if you dare
i have plenty to share

The Queen of Hearts
does regulate
her means of control out of control
amusing fate my dear?

have a cup of tea
i must, i must, i must
if ill ever be able to understand
the mystery at hand.

So much like the wildflower!
Scattered to and fro
no roots to place
no rain or sun, only time spent with my foe.

The British Library is exhibiting 150 years of Alice until April 17, 2016. If you can visit count yourself lucky! If you are like me, yearning to go, but not possible, you may enjoy visiting the website (link below) chockful of information for the curious soul.





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