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Tendrils twirling
past windows
climbing over mountains,
reaching the ocean
deeper still. Memories
piling higher than the moon.

Our voices echo the past
louder today than yesterday.
Her face focused
I yearn to see her again.



Lazy rivers carry us,
fantastical play,
downstream towards seeing
life is kind again. We dance
upon the water seemingly young.

Innocent dreams with uneasy caution
towards a future. Burning hearts,
passing moments,
you grow dimmer by the day.
I wonder blue skies how you rain.


Silence stands tall. Gather
a ladder
peer inside to see
tower over everyone, Lori.
Separated before
we could say goodbye
in the middle of the night
snatched from your bed
dreams of playing gone.
I wait to greet you
by the back door.

The house looks the same
even the trees are small.
Have you been back
to find me?

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