Time: a thoughtless thief

Beautiful feet
Oh! bountiful earth
your head’s crown fashioned
of billowing clouds
listen, wisdom sings.

Comical how life zooms
free falling to a lull
providence teach this man,
fancying sweet submission
the possibility of good deeds.

Ages marching onward
you fear mongering monster
disguised in shifting ground,
the sands settle on his brow
her forgiving heart home bound.


2 thoughts on “Time: a thoughtless thief

    1. Hmmmm? Yes it is our perspective that determines how events affect our life. We live in the moment and then we step out of time to see if we interpreted truthfully. It is our road map that directs life and sometimes we reject second thoughts, questions and timidity. Forge ahead in your beliefs. Thanks for your comment. Happy writing, Jeanne


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