patchwork girl

i struggled
and i struggle
i thought
and i think
of naming myself the patchwork girl
mixed up
a woven web of family.
i released
and i release
them and me
to breathe and live
not letting thoughts
of dying
consume my day
lying in bed
suffering alone.
i never heard
and i hear
the footsteps
i never imagined
and i imagine
what everyone does.
i didn’t
and i do
So this the season
i see beauty where none exists
the pinnacle reached
love spinning my world
so i can and will and do.

Today, I can say
I am happy.
Tomorrow I may not
be so lucky.
The moon in charge
The sun so hot
the tide goes in and out.

Memoir Poetry

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  1. Awe, you are so brave. I myself suffer from anxiety, and I know where your coming from as I think about death a lot too. It’s great to know we are not alone in this huge world. You are so insperational, please check out my blog for happy, positive posts about depression and anxiety as it is a cause that I feel very strongly about. Xx ~ eve

    • Yes!!! My motto is smile and speak love to the world. It took a long journey to reach the pinnacle, the valley’s have not disappeared but you learn to navigate the choppy waters. (Sometimes the dark thoughts slip into my poems. I should add tagline trigger?) It does take courage to face the mirror. I am not always comfortable talking about my journey but I hold my breathe and ride life! Cheers! Jeanne

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