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Your birthday today
do you know
how I wonder about you
the searing, the longing
to hear your voice
a smile to bring peace
your nieces
and nephew wonder
in silence they understand

I would rather not talk
today. It is your birthday
your last day to be
with me, your best friend
the window open
a breeze blows in
there was no air conditioning
our rooms hot in the sordid
summer months

we listened
I watched as you left
this time you never returned
my heart hollow
funny how it has to end
we laughed forever
in the restaurant and I
forget why. No reason
and dad had a reason to
kick us under the table, embarrassed.

Funny how it has to end
I am laughing at memories
absent of you. There were
times I saved you
crawling into the room
needing a blanket
lying on the floor next to my bed
safe. You went off to war
and came back disturbed
sharing stories
of men in shoes too big to fill.

The ravage of minds
how do we get to be this way?

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