To somewhere

pushing myself to
i picture the stairs
to somewhere
getting outside
where i am free.
the park i could walk to
my desires burn away
the steps i’ve taken before.

you encouraging
me to tackle this
climbing out of a shell.
a blanket over my mouth
talking silently
can you hear the heart
beating and longing and crying?
is understanding
the glancing and wondering?

im no where near the top
if not still at the bottom
up towards where i want to be.
other than the
i allow myself, held captive
to voices of the past.
let them go
and be the squanders they are.
be free, be free, be free at last.

Looking forward to Peter Gabriel’s show in Milwaukee WI July 9, 2016.

To keep in silence I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut
So I went from day to day
Tho’ my life was in a rut
“Till I thought of what I’d say
Which connection I should cut
I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery
My heart going boom boom boom
“Hey” he said “Grab your things
I’ve come to take you home.”

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