divergent roads

divergent roads embarked upon
timeless food for thought
wherever our feet
land in a pile of words
expanding beyond
our space and time
no boundaries persist

A behind-the-scenes look at what prompted my thoughts this morning.

My oldest daughter lives in Cambridge, MA, near Harvard Square, and casually walked past Steven Hawkings a few days ago. The key being causally but I sense she was intrigued beyond her space, by a theory of everything unknown to her. Curiosity of seeing outside of a box, knowing he exists inside a box. A knowing of him but clearly not knowing him at all.

A few seconds of my daughter’s life prompting me to watch the movie “A theory of everything” read his book “A brief history of time” and browse through quotes impacting thousands of thoughts.

I personally do not agree with his worldview, scientifically I cannot compete for or against his theories but I am interested in the human psyche. I exist to dig deep into what makes a person who they are. Are we controlled by our genius and do we believe what we prove scientifically exists? How much faith do we have in our thoughts? How do we argue for or against faith, miracles, hope and love, mysterious ways of being? Is not all of life built on faith? From what little I know of Hawking, he comes across as someone who puts his faith in his genius, which contradicts some quotes.

You cannot understand the glories of the universe without believing there is some Superior Power behind it.

People who boast about their IQ are losers.

We are just a breed of advance monkeys…

I am going off into a tangent, since my time spent lately is reading Jung, Plath and Woolf and looking at Van Gogh. I am changing course, never thinking I would give him the time of day, knowing I disagree with most everything Hawking believes regarding God.

God did not create the universe. –Hawking

Michelangelo–The creation of Adam

Respecting someone is listening, not in judgment, but with mercy and compassion. All are God’s children whether they believe they are or not. So, I show my theory of everything, willing and able to venture where I have never gone before.

letting no harm come
to hearts and minds
opening a willing curiosity
diverging into the unknown
astronauts who keep
their feet on the ground
and in God’s Word

I will keep the words of Jung, Plath and Woolf in consideration as well as the art of Van Gogh, while exploring Hawking. It is only fair.

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