Left the house

took a drive to drop off daughter

Tae-Kwon-Do class today

and the real estate market is hot.

Sold sign after sold sign

propped up high. Should i sell our house?

And who knew we were voting?

Saw one Bernie sign and another Trump. Clinton and Cruz not liked?

Indiana is voting. Not such a big deal.

Our little town has grown,

much like my daughter

nothing stays innocent too long. 

Oh, decisions could have been made

“no Ikea” or subdivision after subdivision,

quit with the downtown parking lots.

Who would have believed this land was farmed

not too long ago?

Then we have the sidewalks. 

I could walk the whole town, 

it would take all day,

but we all know exercise is good. 

Who decided on paving sidewalks? Way to go! 


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