The charm of Pooh

My first child born
Pooh entered our life
living my childhood along side of her
Pooh warmed our hearts.
Singing “Twinkle, Twinkle”
buggy rides
strolling through the park.

Soon another friend was born.
I stayed an adult
wandering in dreams
of how I would have loved to live.
So all I did was for them.

The last child entered a family,
stranger that she was,
welcomed with open hearts and arms.
A treasure to be loved.

Spent days
bridges of fun
not looking this way or that.
Being in the moment.

Picnics in the meadow
daydreams of growing
sharing golden thoughts

Through the storms
will always be
the family we are.
Surviving trials
celebrating victories
holding each other way up high
where feet are useless
we get to use our wings.

Pooh on how to raise our children and heal broken hearts.

Each us of resembled a character. I was Pooh, Emily was Eeyore, Luke was Tigger, Anna was Piglet, my husband…he would rather I not say.

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