This is the world I knew

Not every kitchen
has a window above
a sink full of suds.

Sweet pickles and canned beans
Jack peeking round
the corner of the house.

The corn crib
plum full for winter
blowing in the door.


The Australian Cattle Dog
thick as the orneriest pig
tackled the tractor and won.

Grandpa’s car is parked.
The long, white Lincoln
grandma never drove.

Sunday morning was church
grandpa in the pew
singing “How Great Thou Art”.


Funny how it has to be
time changing
everything but memory.

Frolicking barefoot
summer days so long
stretching into months.

The cows in the barn
enjoying Beethoven
milk for the newborn kittens.


It all died
the day grandpa left
souls singing aloud

How great thou art
to make the hills
countryside rolling

Field flowers blooming
butterflies flitting about
my head lost in a strolling, lone cat.

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