At the beginning

“Exclamation point!!!” said me.

The wheels of the brain are churning and driving along with this thought, I turned into the driveway and paused. What is there? Anywhere? I can move but every room is empty. 

Fear begins at birth. 

Are they smiling at me?

Confusion sets in. Memories flood the senses. You hear the first cry, your own. A wail! You were set free and dropped into a larger sea of stale air and ugly words. 

I just can’t get this life right.

I just cant!
I’ll bring everyone down with me.

Who means anything? To anyone? They don’t treat me right and no one understands. The great teachers, full of wisdom, bleed words. I drink their life in hopes my heart beats strong. Yes! I get it and I see and why can’t their wisdom be what drives the masses?

Chaos rules the world. A drop of rain brings relief until it spreads ripples beyond the intended hurt. One drop is not enough to balm the sorrow felt. One tear spared no one from blame. 

Opinion Poetry

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