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Morning musings

Leave me here

Do not worry about me

I like it this way

Lost in my head.

On occasion I allow myself this pleasure. I enjoy the voices. A friend who visits without knocking. 

You call me crazy. I understand. You have not wandered this fantasy land. Brilliant colors and fantastical paths, of words swirling, on winds blowing my way. It is a calling I cannot resist. I would invite you if possible. The best I can do is ink it. Black ink or perhaps orange. Yes, vibrant orange.

I take my pill and ward off the melancholy, except the mood is really more bleak. My mind’s prison speaks half-truths when it’s buried, 10 feet under where I am absent. Nothing moves here. 

Today, sunning with vitamin d washing over me, skin soaking in hope, I wonder if I am ready to move beyond the pill? It would take courage and faith in the strength I have been building; a treasure chest of positivity. I am sure there would be a war. 

A room with no windows is a mind with no eyes. I am shut tight. I am shut. I am. I. …

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