Listen to another person’s story, you may be the only one who will.

When I get caught up in me
I fail to see the person sitting
head in their hands
wondering, am i alone in the world
or lonely in my thoughts.

The mind is the devil
in the person who sees
the wrong in the moment
not able to discern the meaning
of the world crashing into them.

The running dialogue
brazen and unforgiving
takes captive the violent hands
inviting fate
accepting matters, running from life.

What have I done wrong?

La Vie, 1903 by Pablo Picasso


As the artist once told author Antonina Vallentin, “A painting, for me, speaks by itself, what good does it do, after all, to impart explanations? A painter has only one language, as for the rest …” Picasso reportedly finished the sentence with a shrug.

La-vie is housed at the Cleveland Museum of Art.


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