My Promise Garden

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A spent Sunday in my promise garden.

In every step forward, compose a mental reminder to forgive,
relinquish bitter spirits and love with wild abandonment.

Those who want to speak, let them speak,
trapping themselves in the devil’s snare.
Flee! Be jubilant in your new found freedom,
not residing in the enemy’s lair.

Life is not about being less of you
but being more of God.
Soul sparkles your atoms.
In the beauty of the earth be awed.

My azalea bush. Spring 2016                            Louie spying on me behind the Columbine,
while I flit as a butterfly, around the garden.

Yes, unexpectedly, neighbor’s may catch me dancing in the sun or lying in the grass watching the clouds pass over.

Ephesians 5:8 For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light 9 for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth.

Unfortunately, this is not Indiana’s weather today, so I had to use Friday’s pictures and improvise. Gratefully, my heart is still as warm and happy as it was on Friday! Peace, J

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  1. I am happy you do share. I have given myself sacred space, right now a year of solitude, except blogging, to just be. Nothing else. It brightens my day to know others can relate to my words. I notice people are so quick to misunderstand so I write more than i speak. Then notice i need to edit and revise. So even my poems need forgiveness. Much peace to you, J

    You are welcome to email me if you feel inclined.

  2. Hi Jeanne! What a gorgeous post, I feel like I got some “extra church” today, so thank you! I love: the Columbine, the note that life is not about being “less me” but more of God, the Ephesians verse. I wonder why it is so hard to let go of “bitter spirits”–your words are a message from God to me; I don’t want to have a bitter heart–I try and try to forgive and relinquish–and yet nearly every day that sin is before me, weighing like a rock upon my Joy. Anyway, thank you for this post today–God bless you with His favor, abundantly.

    • Your comment is a treasure to my heart. The reply I want to write would be too long and complicated, so I will try in as few words as possible.

      I know forgiveness all too well, my world violated. I find solace in painting a world, in words; my garden a refuge. Our being bruised needs healing and sometimes it entails forgiving. Forgiveness is the most misunderstood and hardest to understand emotion.

      I also feel I have forgiven and then memories weave their way into my thoughts and all seems lost. The wisdom I gleaned understands we are pilgrims passing by. So I look up, even on the toughest days, in hopes the positive waves keep me afloat. J

      • Oh, Jeanne–I can’t thank you enough, am so honored that you would share your thoughts with me, such a blessing you are! The part of “forgiveness” that completely threw me for a loop was that, after a HUGE Epiphany during Easter Week 2011, I forgave several pages of people/old wounds–and I felt so light and free, full of JOY; but then, gradually the painful memories and bitter thorns returned. I don’t understand it at all, since I am so diligent in my faith walk–listening to good pastors/teachers daily, reading the Word, praying till I’m blue in the face, practicing God’s Presence and Gratitude,tithing faithfully and eagerly. I just can’t figure where the devil got a toehold. And truly, I’m not asking you to solve my issue–I’m just sharing the frustration I feel; I don’t want to be bitter–it robs my peace. Thank you for allowing me to speak frankly–much love to you, sister in Christ–God bless you bountifully 🙂

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