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I kept my faith
momma, no thanks to you.
You told me “what heaven?”
“why heaven!
you don’t understand

Momma, gone talk to our pastor friend.
Going to keep my faith
momma, you stumbling hazard.
He gone done another sin
and you blind as the world.

“These drops of rain?”
“Why momma, they God crying
over His people.”
My faith
gives me a chance. I’ll take
my fortune and get out of here.


8 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. “Faith as backbone to give us a chance”–Hallelujah! WOW, I’m so moved–both by the truth, and by how bitingly powerful you’ve written this piece. I often tell people that “faith is not a magic wand”–and it’s not meant to be; it’s not about the measure or strength of our ‘faith’, so much as the ONE whom we place it in. We may feel like we’re “dangling” sometimes, but He’ll never let us fall. God bless you today.

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