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Wild Maine Blueberry Margarita
What else would you drink in Maine? It was delicious and featured a sugar rim. Yum!!

If you ever visit Freeport, ME, you must stop and eat at Azure Cafe. Jonas Werner, is the 2015 Maine Chef of the Year, and most deservedly.  Absolutely fantastic food and will be my foremost memory for a very long time. 

Hands down, I ate my favorite cup of clam “chawdah” here and I have tried clam chowder at every restaurant visited on the New England coast. And my fish sandwich was heavenly. It literally melted in my mouth like butter on toast! 

My daughter ordered the Vodka Tomato Soup made with Maine’s Cold River Vodka and a free-range Maine Chicken Caesar Wrap. She also recommends this restaraunt. πŸ‘πŸ»

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