church is poetry
breathing poetry, your soul
garden promises


we all are the best
we can be at the moment
forgiveness worthy

garden gloves

grape hyacinths spread
crocus blooming, honey bees
sweet serenity

Grape Hyacinth


azaela hot pink
spring serenades, my heart hopes
fragrant lilac bloom

Miss Kim

summer loves me, not
shady oak tree spreading leaves
sending cool relief

Hummingbird Dance 2

field of blooming dreams
dance of the hummingbird
Van Gogh love letters

Parke County Indiana

autumn approaching
praying mantis lurks ahead
proceed cautiously

all we have are songs
recycled paper essays
ghostly voices pass

Covered Bridge Capital of the World, Parke County Indiana

shadows growing long
goodbye, single, silent tear
winter icy end

Photography Poetry

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