hope in uncertainty

Van Gogh rejected
among the people he swirled,
“The greatest art is to love”
his words prophetic desire.

Ironic the games people play,
as thousands flock,
migrating geese from war-torn lives.
Can you hear the town crier?

“Come meet the prophet
shunned on the streets,
long ago love letters
surface to greet.”

6 thoughts on “hope in uncertainty

    1. Thank you. A fan of van gogh like you…admire his passion for life. Ironic it was his life that pained him. At least how i see his story written. His vivacious paintings are incredible up close. I saw a curator at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts restoring one of his pieces. Painstaking but you could see dedication and purpose in her lovingly preserving his heart. What a gift his paintings and letters are to those who notice.

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      1. If i may say, use your words as stepping stones to heights unimaginable today. Easier said, i know, but you may find once you empty the cracked vessel, it can be repaired and filled with newness and healing. 💔 To ❤️🎶

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