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Purpose deciphered

at a loss for words
looking inside, seeking a reason
why i still am here.
i have passion, this i know
for the under dog
on my street,
in my city,
in our state and country.

how do i wrangle
that passion into submission
keep myself from tipping
too far right or too far left?
I go head long into every
day with either unnerved energy
or cocooned eternity
homing in a depleted mind.

a day once existed
lying in a dark, forested land
where i questioned God.
Neglected, tattered and torn,
rejected and forlorn.
God could not look on me
any more than I could seek a mirror.
I, forsaken by everyone.

Then the day came
a revelation, unexpected,
welcomed no less.
Five years of deciphering grace.
Who is this man Jesus
and why does He care
for a ragged girl like me?
Who am I that a King would seek my heart?

Unbelief in my grief
and faith in the impossible
that I could find peace
and a purpose, undeniable
for all those swallowed by the waves
that drown. Unforgiving this life,
in decay it is crumbling
but redemption draws nigh.

This brought the words out of me today. You can visit the page here.

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