Rural Life

Old Free Meeting House, 1836
The owner let me take a picture.
Town Cemetary
Living in a small town,
“Tough as nails”, they said.
He went off to war and he never came back.

The family celebrated
his sacrifice, a Memorial Day parade.
Alot of flag waving and candy throwing and children cheering for more.
I met the man in charge of Bingham’s holiday parade. I was out taking pictures and he was gearing up for the 10am church service. 

The history of the 1836 Old Free Meeting House was non-denominational. The past residents sought the common good and times prospered for many years. Jobs were plentiful. Now Bingham Maine sits still, except for special occasions when the town relives the past. Pride turns out for the parade. Houses are not selling. Rural America dead. Older generation weeps.

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