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Bird Lessons

oblivion and sanity
eyes shut, sinking.
conjure strength
in the blue jay squawking,
he never gives up.

who knows of the blue jay’s nest?gratitude weaved in layers,
understand what matters exists in the spaces between.
Hope eternal resides at home.

We are the dust of former things. Rising. Seeking. Finding. Knowing. Being. Showing the world we are alive. This is the cycle of life.

9 thoughts on “Bird Lessons

    1. Appreciate your vote of confidence, my “voice in progress”. I am not sure what i really desire from blogging? Do any of us? Maybe an innate ability to express in an artistic form other than relating face-to-face is our only connection. A comfortable existence, hiding behind a barrier of words. Not sure. I have gone through times i rebelled against swirling words, the magnetism of letters forming thoughts, the camaraderie found in fellow writers. I wished to remain hidden. I blanketed myself, safe from prying eyes. Now, from a strength I do not understand, my arm raises, I want to be found. A little. Then quickly retract. What am i doing? Im even more insane than I thought. I am a paradox, a contradiction. One day hating myself and another lifted on heights of positivity. My life is tiring. It drains me. And the saga rolls forward. One minute my heart rests and the next I am embroiled in a heated debate, unable to keep my feet still. I was not always like this. I was stable, once upon a time. It finally hit me, opened my eyes, i saw and was troubled. This girl, who is she? Where has she been? What has she done? Can i even remember half of it, lived in a dream. Running from demons better left buried ten feet down. That which is dug is harder to bury again, it gains a life separated from your power. It thrives on the airs moisture and rides the airs waves. A new post? Ha🙀

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