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beloved hope

Testing myself by writing a (drabble) which I discovered today. I am not one for writing short fiction, but 100 words seemed doable. What do you think of my first attempt?

Rayna penned letters daily, willing to love family absently, oblivious to notice Grandma prick her writing fingers while she slept. It never hurt to write deep thoughts, exposing her vulnerable heart, sending them on starry wings.

Visiting grandma, Rayna shyly cracked her creaking, empty cupboard doors, “Who has time to read or write letters?” they groaned. Famished, the emptiness unbearable, Rayna suffered alone.

Today, Rayna sits on her front porch, rocking her grandchild, reading aloud lettered memories, listening to the coo of baby babble and mourning dove. Love generously bonds the heart’s hollow home and invites the lost to dinner.




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