8 thoughts on “Thoughts #2

    1. I had a panic attack yesterday dealing with my brother’s memory and so much more, stuff i can never disclose, battling these destructive thoughts towards myself, unable to love the people who care for me, running from loving care, needing space. Unable to talk but writing thoughts, the only way i can communicate this pain, resurfacing over and over, like storms on a sea, wondering if this time the waves overtake me.

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      1. be strong, i Understand you more than you know. It is hard when memories come back, unfortunally they will always be part of us, there like ghost that forver be with us. Stay strong., if you need anyhting, I am here.


    2. So when i read your stuff i relate. I feel a wreck (shipwreck) so many times. Living on the rocky shore, wanting to escape and go under, the waters washing over me like grace. I know, awful thoughts, i find them extremely sad and want them desperately to depart. Sorry even for this reply. Have a great day.😎✌🏻️

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