It’s okay to say “I am not well”
please, no more hiding behind closeted eyes
and your tongue-tied deceit.
Your murderous hands, accessories in your defeat.
Reach for mine, I’ll help you up,
my own invisible scars appear
under the florescence of your heart.

*I am super sad because i started my rigorous counseling studies until December 2017, and that means my time to creatively express myself is diminished. Although, I have been managing to squeeze a few words in between the bolts of academic reads piled high on my desk as well as enjoy your posts. Blessings. J


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  1. ‘under the florescence of your heart’.love that line.
    hey, you’ll find the balance. time doesn’t need no finding, it needs making. so make the time to do the things you can. πŸ™‚

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